Ecommerce Platforms Comparison Tips That Will Secure Your Investment

The most challenging part about setting up an online shop is finding the right e-commerce platform to use. However, through proper ecommerce platforms comparison, you should be able to find the perfect platform. When comparing platforms, you will want to concentrate on the features of the platforms because they determine everything. There are so many e-commerce platforms on sale in the United Kingdom, but just a few can be used to build an established online shop. Some of the features you will want to look out for include;



If you wish to operate on a small scale or you wish to start small and maybe expand in the future, you will need to make sure that you pick a scalable platform. Everybody wants to make some extra cash and selling online is one of the sure ways of doing so. While it may take a variable amount of time, it is good always to be prepared for anything.

One mistake that most entrepreneurs make is that they go for low-cost platforms in the name of starting small. What they forget is that by doing so, they will be risking the future of their online shops. That is because most of those low-cost platforms are not scalable hence have limited features that will force them to migrate to other platforms in the future. The risks of migrating to a new platform can be a server because you risk losing customers and data.

Don’t forget that as long as you are selling in-demand products, your online shop is likely to do better with time. You should, therefore, get rid of the mindset that starting small means going for the cheapest services. Some will slow down your success, and others will even crush your dreams by making it impossible for you to do business comfortably.

Sales and marketing features

It’s pointless to spend money on an e-commerce platform that will not help you to make money. That is why, before you purchase one, ensure that you confirm that it has the perfect sales and marketing features. Online marketing is a broad field, and in most cases, requires the right skills to benefit from it. A good ecommerce platform should also have other sales avenues where sellers are allowed to sell via other e-commerce platforms. A good example is what Shopify and eBay are doing in the United States.

Although many people believe that social media has all the customers, you should know that serious buyers will use the search engines to find the items they need. Without the right tools to make your online shop rank well on search engines, you will have a difficult time competing with your rivals. Without confirming this before buying and e-commerce software, you can end up giving up on your enterprise.

How secure?

Site security should be on top of your priorities list. That is because you don’t want to lose money and customer information to malicious people. In the United Kingdom, many online shops are hosted by Shopify and one of the main reason being; it offers good site security. It is good to know that Shopify has e-commerce enhanced servers that lack the common weaknesses found on regular servers. Risks like hacking are unlikely when hosted on the right servers.

Another reason why you will need to consider getting hosted on e-commerce enhanced servers is that they are designed to be efficient. When conducting flash sales, for example, you are likely to experience heavy traffic on your website. Without stable servers, high traffic can make your website to break down. However, the right servers will ensure that orders are processed and everyone using the website enjoy a seamless shopping and browsing process.

The management system

There are two kinds of management systems found in various e-commerce platforms, namely customized and non-customized management systems. You will want to go for a customizable system because you are selling a product to a market that only you understand better. Non-customizable management systems, on the other hand, will restrict your operations because ideally, they are built without any definite business idea in mind.

The general approach does not work, especially when your inventory grows and become more complex. To build the excellent management system for your online business, you will need access to many applications meaning that one of the other things to compare is how robust is the app store of the software you wish to buy. The more the applications you can access, the more you can customize. There are various aspects of online selling that will help you decide the right kind of applications required.

Without an organized management system, your online shop is doomed because you will need to be always online to keep eyes over everything a customized system on the other hand will allow you to make money even if you are in your sleep. That is because you will have brought together all the necessary aspects required to run an online shop.

Third-party plug-in feature

This is mostly for business owners who are looking to integrating. To link your brick and mortar store to your online shop, you will need a platform that will give you an easy time with the process. Because you already have an inventory management system and even POS, you will want to choose a platform that is capable of working with what you already have.

Shopify, for example, is known to be compatible with several POS devices like cash registers, barcode and smart card readers, among others. Without this ability, you can never integrate unless you have to buy your POS equipment from your software provider, which can be very costly.


The kind of platform you pick for your online shop will determine the future of your online shop. That is because it is the responsibility of your software to make sure that everything is running according to how you have set it. With the right features, however, you will find it enjoyable managing your online shop. For more information, make sure you check out


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